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    Company Jeopardy: How Much Would Your Employees Win?


    July 16th, 2015
    How much do your employees know about your company? While you most likely included a company history or manual with each new hire’s training packet, chances are slim that they actually read it—let alone remember the information. But knowledge of…

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    Why You Need Outside Eyes When Hiring New Employees


    Want to prevent hiring headaches and maximize success when hiring new employees? Use external people, processes and firms. Hiring with fresh eyes provides an outside perspective that will open up your organization and hiring initiatives to…

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    Does Your Annual Performance Review Process Need a Review?

    A consistent practice among many companies, annual reviews can be dreadful, inconsistent and meaningless for both the employer and employee. More than three-quarters (77%) of organizations conduct annual performance reviews, according to the Society…

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    5 Reasons Why the C-Suite Should Have Seasonal Lunches with Employees


    Business owners and CEOs are often removed from the daily operations of their company and employees—a disservice to them as high-level decision makers and mentors. While annual performance reviews remain a valid form of measurement, informal and…

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    How to Find, Hire and Train Summer Employees


    If your company hires summer or seasonal employees, you understand the aches, pains and benefits of the process. Summer hires require a specialized recruiting, hiring and training strategy due to the short-term and low-intensity work. HRinMotion,…

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    Why Your Company Needs an Extreme Makeover


    July 15th, 2015
    The ABCs of an Extreme Company Makeover Most business owners know the world of business is in constant flux—which makes it necessary to make frequent and sometimes inconvenient changes to business strategy. The question is, what steps can…

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    “They Said What?!” Don’t Let Office Rumors Derail Your Business

    Office Workers Gossiping

    June 24th, 2015
    Employees may no longer crowd the water cooler to catch up on the latest office gossip, however, negative rumors still run rampant in the workplace today. Gossip among coworkers neither increases productivity nor improves workplace morale. It…

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    When Life Changes for Your Employees

    Sad Employee

    June 5th, 2015
    “Work-life balance”—read any business or lifestyle magazine on the rack today, and it’s one of the most common phrases you’ll encounter. Everyone’s trying to achieve the elusive perfect formula, but no matter where they fall on the…

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