SNOW DAYS: How employers and employees should handle snow delays and closings

snow_dayPicture this: Your alarm goes off and you wake up to start your day. As the coffee pot brews, you open the blinds and instantly see white everywhere. You realize that while you were sleeping, Mother Nature decided to deliver a surprise snow day to your region. Your first impulse may be to jump back into bed but take a moment to do the most important thing you should do today- communicate!

Check your smartphone or email to see if there is any correspondence from your employer about delayed office openings and telework options. Depending on the severity of the snow, your employer can still require you to come into the office; however, U.S. News suggests using the “Know Your Manager” theory to determine how to handle your employer. If you have children or take public transportation be sure to communicate with your employer about your plans for coming into the office. The timing of your email is also important – you want your employer to see that you were awake on time and prepared to come into the office. If you do in fact come later because of the weather, you are still deemed a professional and intentional employee.

If you are an employer it is important to recognize that snow days are an opportunity for you to support employees, especially those who have children or commute more than an hour away. If HRinMotion, LLC has written your employee handbook, office closings and delays are already addressed but it is important to use your best judgement a communicate with your employees early enough to give them time to make arrangements depending on their situation.

Enjoy the flurries!