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Succession Planning
We introduce a six-step progressive transformational process that elevates and connects our client leaders within an organization, preparing for succession.

We improve the performance, confidence, effectiveness, and efficiency of adult learners.

Workforce Development
We introduce the concept of building and expanding one’s professional vision of success.

Behavioral Style Assessments
We offer a validated systemic process to understand the strengths of behavioral differences in the workplace.

Organizational Assessments
We evaluate and address systemic practices to unfold and develop a collaborative workplace culture.

Drive Top Line Growth, Increase Bottom Line Profitability, Create Additional Capacity, Improve Team Performance

Our Core Competencies


  • 541612 (HR Consulting Services)

  • 541610 (Management Consulting Services)

  • 561312 (Executive Search Services)

  • 611430 (Professional & Management Development Training)

  • 81299 Event Planning (HR Job Fair)

Business Certifications

  • Woman-owned Small Business

  • US Small Business Administration

  • Cage Code: 5GHR5

  • Duns No.: 617297341


  • On-Boarding

  • Title VII Training

  • EEOC Training

  • HIPAA Training

Career Builder Services

HRinMotion, LLC (HRIM) strives to accurately present your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs), experiences, achievements, goals and career objectives to attract the most suitable corporate connection. If you’re ready to catapult your career to the next level, take advantage of the following services:

Resume Writing Services
HRIM offers to create or rewrite a career focused resume. A HRIM practitioner meets with you to discuss your career experiences, projected goals, i.e., short- and long-term objectives, and past performances that may not be reflected on your resume but pertinent to future opportunities.

Cover Letter
A cover letter is an executive summary of what you have to offer a potential employer. It should not only incorporate your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs), but how your goals and objectives coincide with the corporate mission and vision statements.

Mock Interview Session
HRIM uses a behavioral-based interview method to prepare its candidates for their next place of employment. Behavioral-based interviews are strategically effective in determining if a candidate is a suitable organizational fit. This method identifies one’s strengths and weaknesses solely based on your responses to interview questions.

Personal Rebranding
It is always refreshing to upgrade your presentation, eg. Exercise, receive routine dental services, a clean cut hairstyle, or a fashionable – modern day – suit. Allow HRIM an opportunity to provide consultation on how best to upgrade your personal presentation.

Who can take advantage of our services?

To ensure that our HR practitioners capture all that you have to offer, i.e., career, civic, volunteer services, integrity, and character, it is important that you answer the HRinMotion, LLC Resume Writing Services Questionnaire as precisely as possible.

Compensation and Benefits Services

As the economy recovers, many business executives are taking a proactive approach to reinventing compensation and benefits strategies.

We realize that employers should deliver packaging that resonates with employees. We work with the executive team to optimize budgets and develop competitive packaging designed to keep employees enthusiastic, engaged and motivated at work.

Even the smallest budgets can infuse small changes such as structuring incentive programs around achievable metrics and granting performance awards that have immediate value.


We help you research, develop and implement benefit programs that are competitive and cost-effective for your industry and organization. We help you ensure that your employees are well-educated with regard to key components of their packages and that your company is getting the best level of service from benefits and service providers.


We help you to benchmark your compensation practices by industry and market standards so that you can attract, motivate and retain employees through the right compensation and rewards programs specially designed by our experts to reflect your organization’s culture, goals and objectives.

Compliance Services

Business owners must be in compliance with federal, state and local government labor laws in an effort to mitigate risks that could include hefty fines or litigation. Our expert consultants keep abreast of ever changing workforce laws, provide that information to you and help you facilitate implementation within the organization as needed.

Compliance Services include the following:

EEO Laws
We work with you to ensure that you have documented, implemented and are executing processes to support Worker’s Compensation and Affirmative Action.

Compliance Training
We offer managerial and staff training with regard to sexual harassment, diversity, work ethics, violence in the workplace and discrimination.

Payroll Compliance
We work with your management team to ensure processes are in place to facilitate precise classification of employees, accuracy in timesheet and hours worked, and that overtime calculations fall within budgeted guidelines.

Employee Records & Documentation
We establish and repair Incomplete and errant documentation related to employee files such as I-9 reporting, data to support employment decisions, disciplinary notations, and evaluation information.

Employee Handbook
We work with you to develop and ensure that handbooks contain up-to-date federal, state and local labor laws and policies and that company policies are included, communicated and reviewed regularly to help avoid possible litigation.

Position Descriptions
We work with you to ensure all job positions are well-documented including job descriptions with specific responsibilities to ensure the appropriate classification exempt/non-exempt (wage and hour) claims.

Organizational Restructuring Support Services

During times of economic uncertainty, business executives are often required to implement a variety of cost-cutting and cost-saving measures. We understand that these initiatives impact the overall structure and alignment of the workforce, and we are here to guide you in developing ethical strategies to ensure your company is well-positioned for long-term success. We can tailor a restructuring package based on the unique needs of your organization.

Our Organizational Support Services include the following:

We partner with you to realign your workforce when there may be an oversupply of employees or skill sets and we assist you in developing attrition and termination packages as needed.

Employee Communications
We utilize unique tools and programs to help you communicate change management initiatives and keep your finger on the pulse of what’s important to your employees while you proactively address their concerns and maintain high levels of morale and productivity.

New HR Policy Creation
We collaborate with you to develop and publish employee guidelines and procedures to minimize potential misunderstandings and mitigate legal risk.

Employee Relations
We work with you to mitigate risk regarding delicate matters such as arbitration, disciplinary action, grievances and performance management issues.

Performance Evaluation and Workforce Development Services

At HRinMotion, LLC, we realize that in order to perform well, employees need to understand what is expected of them.

The starting point is creating the most up-to-date job description detailing responsibilities, general areas of knowledge and skill-sets.

However, we take this process much further, and we design performance evaluation systems that ensure employees know the goods and services their jobs produce, the impact of their work on the organization and the metrics and benchmarks required for success within the department and overall bottom line of the organization.

We offer customized employee training courses that we tailor to fit the unique development needs of your organization.

Performance Evaluation and Workforce Development Services include the following:

Performance Management
We help you establish performance metrics, and we educate your management team and staff on the appropriate use of these metrics to support timely and constructive feedback, recognition and rewards programs.

Training and Development
We collaborate with your management team to develop customized training courses for your staff. Training courses include topics such as leadership, customer responsiveness, and team building and professional development.

Strategic Planning Services

The only constant in today’s ultra competitive marketplace is change, forcing CEO’s to focus on bottom-line results of increasing revenue, generating cash flow, and reducing costs.

At HRinMotion, LLC, we partner with your executive team to develop a strategic human capital plan that will fuel the performance your company needs to maximize profitability today, while allowing you to focus on your core business. We begin each engagement with an HRinMotion, LLC, Assessment to create a baseline for moving forward. In addition, we offer a complete suite of planning services we can tailor to meet your unique needs.

Strategic Planning Services:

We conduct an in-depth audit of the human resource operations of your organization and provide dynamic recommendations to address your company’s needs in key areas:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Recruitment Management

  • Retention and Development

  • Employee Law

  • Best Practices to Help You Maximize the Workfoce

We leverage the foresight of your executive team to forecast human resource needs as your business grows based on the strategic goals and objectives of the organization, and we help you to determine which new positions and skill-sets are required.

Gap Analysis
We identify and analyze the number of staff, skills and abilities while determining strengths and weaknesses with regard to desired tasks and disciplines required in the future and compare them to the current organizational structure.

Succession Planning
We help you to develop organizational loyalty by creating career paths for existing staff that promotes internal recruiting, minimize workforce disruptions and maximize investments in your human capital long-term.

Talent Acquisition Services

We realize that organizations need to procure the best talent at the most reasonable cost and develop a strategy that embraces your company’s core values and critical competencies.

We are adept at helping you develop a talent strategy that enables you to meet your strategic business objectives by getting the most out of your human capital investment. Our experienced consultants collaborate with you to identify gaps in your organizational structure and capabilities and enable you to pinpoint areas where additional talent must be developed, contracted or hired.

Talent Acquisition Services include the following:

Talent Planning
We help you make strategic long-term and tactical decisions regarding your human capital investments based upon business goals. We clearly define your needs and fill competency gaps while also identifying growth requirements based on future objectives.

Talent Recruitment
We offer a turn-key process that provides you with the data needed to help define job descriptions, develop job postings, list advertisements and deliver a performance management plan.

Talent Selection
We provide a comprehensive talent selection package that includes the interview process, testing, reference and background analyses and physical examinations for contingent job offers in addition to completing the post-offer employment process as well.

New-Hire On boarding
We offer orientation training that prepares new employees in the specifics of what is expected as well as an overview of the values and attitudes of your organization, company policies, compensation benefits and performance management requirements.

Offering Soft Skill Training Services

Cage Code: 5GHR5
Duns No.: 617297341

HRinMotion, LLC (HRIM) offers a boutique of performance-based human resource management (HRM) services to include recruitment, employee relations, professional & management development training, and compliance. Our vision is to partner with CEOs, developing legacy leaders to build generational pathways. Our motto is that “All Roads Lead to Legacy.”

HRinMotion, LLC (HRIM) presents a robust soft-skill production that encompasses the following:

  • Influential Communication

  • Art: A Cultural Catalyst

  • Team Building

  • Developing Strategic Change

Each course is presented virtually, with appropriate breaks, for a maximum of two hours. The objective of this production is to bring an awareness of how forward-thinking productivity should be a priority to influence internal customer service.

Influential Communication
Influential communication is necessary for success in business and life. Many people genuinely believe that they are communicating when they speak, which is not always true. Influential communication educates attendees on what is required to ensure that their message is accurately received and understood.

We will discuss how to translate messages, define a message’s motive, cultivate the delivery attitude, and achieve the intended outcome. This training provides definitions, visual support, case studies, and collaboration. The impactful objective is to make attendees aware of what is required to ensure proper communication.

Art: A Cultural Catalyst
This course will discuss culture within the organization and define values and behaviors that influence the work environment. The contractor shall address at least four organizational culture types to measure the need and purpose for forwarding movement. Course content shall include, but not be limited to, multiple generations in the workforce; individual’s desire to thrive and make a difference in the workplace; and removing barriers, as the norm, to promote positive experiences and prime the workplace culture for more significant opportunities. The course shall facilitate real-world scenarios and practical techniques and skills for building a strong culture. Learning objectives shall include:

  • Describe the trends, make-up, and diversity necessary to build a strong culture

  • Highlight the rewards of knowledge management

  • Discuss the course of action to become a cultural catalyst

  • Understand the differences and values of the four types of organizational culture

  • How culture and brand are synonymous

Developing Strategic Change
Curriculum for this module shall contain (but not limited to) the succession of strategic change, transformational style, uncovering valued results needed for establishing a positive and healthy competitive advantage. The course shall address ways to reconstruct, reengineer and innovate to make pathways for group collaboration, dialog, flexibility, and new beginnings. Learning objectives for this course shall include (but not limited to):

  • Understanding change and its relevance in the workplace

  • Developing Individual Development Plan (IDP)

  • Navigating leadership skills during strategic change

  • Recognizing tools to overcome agency inertia and individual change resistance

  • Momentum sustainability after a change occurs

Team Building
Google thought building great teams consisted of traits, skills, and even creativity. But after collecting data on 180 teams, they could not find any common patterns. Instead, they looked at the culture of the teams. That is right, what is the current culture of your department, division, task force, or committee? Are you interested in knowing what Google did to build strong teams? We are ready for you.

DISC Assessment
As a DISC Practitioner, HRIM offers Dominance, Influencer, Steadiness, and Conscientious (DISC) Assessment offering relevant content to understand effective communication behavior. Each selected participant will complete the online process to choose answers that are neither right nor wrong. After the training, our organization will provide a summary report. A facilitator presents content that introduces adaptability strategies pertinent to work with others. Per course, we provide a PowerPoint presentation and a Workbook.

Infectious Diseases Response Plan

HRinMotion, LLC is committed to assisting our partners with providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, customers, and guests. In light of the changes in operations and the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed an Infectious Diseases Response Plan service offering. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of infectious diseases, including COVID-19 in our workplaces, and that requires the full cooperation of all employees. We all share responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment and implementing this plan.

Contact us to cultivate a tailored Infectious Diseases Response Plan for your organization.

Download our Infectious Diseases Response Plan details.