3 Ways to Get a Promotion Before the End of the Year

Introduce a New Process

It is easy to complain about problems in the workplace. Your boss can even confide in you about upcoming issues before the next Executive Board Meeting or how a new project will tax your department. Take this intel and run with it! You can create a new process or offer a solution to pending issues within your company. Start by doing research and creating a small proposal to present to your boss. You don’t want to go too far into the project but think of questions your boss or team will ask and pose questions for them to address when you present your plan as well. Your idea can be anything from revamping the team’s vacation schedule to researching a way to help with budget issues. The point is to present yourself as an innovative thinker and valuable part of the company. Just proposing great ideas shows your willingness and dedication to your company and that should scream “Give me a promotion” to your superiors.

Update Your Wardrobe

The way you dress says a lot about your self-esteem and your respect for your job. Your skills, work-ethic and education could be identical to another co-workers but if you put less effort into your outward appearance, the competition will win every time. Dressing well does not have to cost a million dollars either. Using apps like Pinterest can give you ideas for how to spruce up your current wardrobe. Start by examining your closet and getting rid of clothing that is too big or too small. Anything you have not worn within the last two years should be tossed as well. This will give you a better picture of what you can actually wear and what you need to purchase. Look at updating your wardrobe as a fun and fresh start to your career.

Clean Your Workspace

Having a clean office or workspace is a direct reflection of your professional and personal image. If your workspace is disorganized and junky it tells your co-workers that you cannot be trusted to handle the details of bigger projects. It shows that you’re overwhelmed. The cleanliness of your workspace also reflects the company’s image and your superiors will pay attention to these small details when they choose employees to represent them in client-facing settings. June, July and August are usually slow months in the business world so take advantage of the office being a little more empty and clean up!


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