Why Your Company Needs an Extreme Makeover

The ABCs of an Extreme Company Makeover

Most business owners know the world of business is in constant flux—which makes it necessary to make frequent and sometimes inconvenient changes to business strategy.

The question is, what steps can you take to make the transformation as painless as possible?

New Growth

3Is your business growing beyond your basement? Do you need to hire employees or move to a new location? Congratulations—that’s a major accomplishment! But many business owners make the mistake of tackling these substantial shifts without the counsel of a well-versed legal team and human resources manager.

Hiring new employees or moving staff to a new location involves plenty of complex decisions. If you’re hiring new employees, have you thought about benefits and telework policies? If you’re moving to a new location, have you considered parking and transit times for your current staff? These are all issues an experienced human resources veteran can address while you pack the moving van.

Company Facelift

Considering a company re-brand? Any changes you make should be a reflection of your company—not a projection of what you want it to be. According to Entrepreneur.com, “you must ensure that the customer experience equals the expectation, or no amount of image revamping will work—at least in the long run.” Even if it’s just an aesthetic change to your logo or office space, a seasoned HR manager will want to be in the loop so they can anticipate potential legal and organizational challenges.

Where to Turn?

If you feel your business needs an organizational shift, now is the single most important time to consult with an HR manager. Hiring, firing and job function changes are one of the main challenges a business owner faces that a strong human resources manager can help solve. HRinMotion, LLC is known for helping business owners develop a talent strategy that enables them to meet strategic business objectives and get the most out of their human capital investment.

Change in business can be as difficult as it is refreshing. Working with HRinMotion, LLC can be a business owner’s best accessory during the makeover process.