Why You Shouldn’t Update Your LinkedIn Profile When You’re Looking for a New Job

LinkedIn is a tool that can be very beneficial to employers and employees during the hiring process. Unfortunately, LinkedIn (like many social media outlets) tell the world everything you’re doing and that isn’t always the key to success when you’re looking for a new job. Major updates to your profile sends a signal to your professional connections on the site that you are making changes in your career. If you have a current job, it may not be a wise idea to alert your colleagues (aka your boss) that you’re refreshing your profile because it is easy to assume that you’re trying to impress someone else (like a new employer). If you’re not ready to disclose that information yet, you should be very careful about the things you do and say online.

Now you ask– if I don’t update my profile, how can I use LinkedIn to make myself attractive to other companies and hiring managers? HRinMotion,LLC says “little by little is the key to success.” Be strategic when you make updates and do a little at a time. You should be consistently keeping track of your accomplishments and you can use this list to make small updates to your profile as things happen. For instance, if you are a recruiter, every time you reach or exceed a recruitment goal, add this to your list of accomplishments and update your profile. As you continue to work and make small changes, your profile will be updated, but will not set off alarms with a major overhaul and update. LinkedIn Article

Exceptions to the rule:

  • If you’re moving out of the state or your company is aware that you are leaving (on good terms), it’s fine to update your profile. This may be a good time to ask your colleagues and your boss for recommendations on LinkedIn as well.
  • If you are currently unemployed, then you should most definitely have an updated profile.

Confidentiality is very important during the job-seeking process. There is no need to put your current job in jeopardy while you look for a new job, so you should never publicly post or speak about looking for a new job on a professional or personal online platform. Seal the deal first, then you can shout to the mountaintop!