3 Ways to Enhance Your Work Life This Year

1) Align your current job duties with your long-term career goals.

A new workout regime is always a great way to start your year but what will you do to enhance your work life? January is great time to reassess your career goals and align them with your current job duties. Are you still trying to break into your desired career field? Would a community college course enhance your skills and assist in you getting a promotion? That’s great– now what will you do about it?

Start by creating a list using a SMART goals template as a guide.

2) Create a Google Doc to keep track of your accomplishments and praise.

As you become more comfortable in your role at work, it’s easy to forget the many skills and ideas that you bring to the table. We’ve had clients forget that their (once small) ideas turned into the base of major company initiatives years later.

HR in Motion LLC - Enhance Your Work Life

Having a running list of accomplishments can support your negotiations when your annual performance review comes around or if you decide to look for a new job. We suggest using a private Google Document and try to associate numbers with your accomplishments (i.e., “exceeded recruitment goals by 20%” versus “recruited new members”). You should also consider using this list when it’s time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

3) Enhance your personal life through your work schedule.

Are you starting a new fitness regime? Did you just have a baby? Will your elderly parents need more help this year? The New Year is usually the starting point for many people who have new life goals and changes and adjusting your professional schedule may be vital to accomplishing those goals.

A telework or hybrid work schedule may be helpful if you need to meet your trainer early in the morning or take your parents to a standing doctor’s appointment. You may find that a flexible schedule is more helpful to your life in lieu of a raise. Write your goals down and assess the ideal schedule that will assist you in achieving them. Arrange a meeting with your boss and discuss your goals and how they relate to the success of your company (healthy employees are more productive). Be sure to come to the meeting with a concise plan and be in good standing with your boss too. If your company does not support flexible work options and you’re looking for a new job, be sure to do research and ask the hiring manager about their office environment and work options.