Compliance Services

HRinMotion 2Business owners must be in compliance with federal, state and local government labor laws in an effort to mitigate risks that could include hefty fines or litigation. Our expert consultants keep abreast of ever changing workforce laws, provide that information to you and help you facilitate implementation within the organization as needed.
Compliance Services include the following:

EEO Laws

We work with you to ensure that you have documented, implemented and are executing processes to support Worker’s Compensation and Affirmative Action.

Compliance Training

We offer managerial and staff training with regard to sexual harassment, diversity, work ethics, violence in the workplace and discrimination.

Payroll Compliance

We work with your management team to ensure processes are in place to facilitate precise classification of employees, accuracy in timesheet and hours worked, and that overtime calculations fall within budgeted guidelines.

Employee Records & Documentation

We establish and repair Incomplete and errant documentation related to employee files such as I-9 reporting, data to support employment decisions, disciplinary notations, and evaluation information.

Employee Handbook

We work with you to develop and ensure that handbooks contain up-to-date federal, state and local labor laws and policies and that company policies are included, communicated and reviewed regularly to help avoid possible litigation.

Position Descriptions

We work with you to ensure all job positions are well-documented including job descriptions with specific responsibilities to ensure the appropriate classification exempt/non-exempt (wage and hour) claims.

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