Why You Need Outside Eyes When Hiring New Employees

Want to prevent hiring headaches and maximize success when hiring new employees? Use external people, processes and firms. Hiring with fresh eyes provides an outside perspective that will open up your organization and hiring initiatives to innovative ideas, critical thinking and cross-functional involvement.

Outsourcing your hiring efforts gives you access to expertise and professional knowledge unavailable in-house, meaning you can save time by avoiding inexperienced prospects and better controlling recruiting and hiring methods. Whether you’ve been promoting from within and simply need new blood, have high turnover and need to find dedicated employees or simply don’t have time to search for high-value hires, using “outside eyes” allows you to take a step back and reexamine procedures and goals to hire smart.


External people and organizations have uncontaminated eyes and ears, which means they have a clear perception of how a new hire will impact the position, and ultimately the company’s bottom line. HR managers may live in a bubble—fully immersed in the technical, mechanical and tedious processes rather than considering the end goal associated with a new hire. While HR directors may understand people, they may not be as business-minded as you think—which could factor into a new employee’s overall fit into the organization. An outside perspective, like HRinMotion, LLC, can bridge that gap between HR and leadership to hire with a balanced mindset.

Embrace a fresh perspective when recruiting, hiring and training new hires—it will give your organization a breath of fresh air, the potential for incredibly successful employees and insight on how effective your business and HR strategies are supporting corporate growth.