New Employee Checklist: Get the First Week Right

New jobIt’s a new hire’s first day. You’ve prepared the welcome packet with company facts, login information and specific job duties. Their desk is ready to go and you’ve blocked off time to get them settled.

Whether you’re putting them through orientation or training, it’s essential to ensure they get started off on the right foot—giving you an impression of their capabilities and making them feel comfortable during their first few days. Here are five ways to ensure you and your new hire have a successful start:

1. Introduce them to all staff. Take them on a tour and make pit stops along the way so they can meet new colleagues. It’s a simple, non-intimidating way to start the first day.

2. Follow a schedule. Set up meetings with appropriate departments and colleagues they will work with regularly. This will help your new hire to form relationships early and become aware of how they fit into the picture, as well as help the week flow smoothly with a few pre-designated tasks on the books.

3. Have them set goals. One project to get started on early is to set both long- and short-term goals. This works both professionally and personally and gets them thinking about how, where and when they will contribute to the company given their current knowledge.

4. Ease them in. The amount of information a new employee consumes during their first week can be intimidating. Either piece apart the information or schedule appropriate breaks between meetings and tasks to prevent headaches and stress.

5. Ask for feedback. Show that you care about their progress and ask how they’re doing after a few days in. It will pay dividends for both you and the employee and can prevent future miscommunication or confusion.

Onboarding lasts longer than the first week, but following these steps and creating a few of your own will allow your new employee to have a successful first few days at your organization—setting the tone for the rest of their tenure with you.