Four Ways to Enhance Your Business This Summer

Soak up the sun and enhance your business this summer! Use the sunshine months to incorporate these great marketing strategies into your planning:

Clean House

Spring has sprung but a good old spring cleaning this summer would be great. Use the summer days in the office to clean your workspace or paint a new accent wall. Prepare for success by organizing your files and emails. Take this opportunity to clean and get organized so you can get a jumpstart on the successful future of your business.

Reach Out to Your Customers

Host a Meet & Greet cookout for your customers. Ask a local vendor to give you coupons and distribute them to your customers with a nice handwritten note. Find fun and easy ways to connect and gain visibility with customers. They will remember you when it’s time to do business later in the year.

Plan Your Future

Unless your industry’s busy months are directly connected to the summer months (ice cream parlors, summer camps) the summer is usually a downtime for most businesses. Employees usually take vacations and the office can look like a ghost town. This is a great time to generate plans for your fall and winter initiatives. Have you been wanting to do a cause marketing campaign for the holidays? Start the conversation with a local nonprofit organization now.

Company Outing

Company gatherings are great for boosting company morale, increasing staff retention and allowing the staff to bond outside of the office. While some companies opt for a formal holiday party, hosting an event in the summer can offer the same benefits in a less formal (and sometimes cheaper) setting. Get group tickets to a baseball game or visit your local theme park. Wine festivals and company picnics are fun options as well. Don’t forget to take pictures and post them to your company’s social media page – it never hurts your business to show you and your employees having fun together.