Company Jeopardy: How Much Would Your Employees Win?

How much do your employees know about your company? While you most likely included a company history or manual with each new hire’s training packet, chances are slim that they actually read it—let alone remember the information. But knowledge of the organization’s history, goals and external connections sets employees up for success and ultimately improves the bottom line.

Company history is an essential foundation of company knowledge, but goal alignment is a key process that allows employees to visibly see how organizational goals fall across departments and between roles. It promotes productivity, collaboration and purpose, which means goal execution becomes less of a rarity and more commonplace. To bring this concept into practice, HRinMotion, LLC provides training and development programs to help your staff understand how company goals relate directly to daily work processes.


For businesses of all sizes, bottom line improvement is just as crucial as relationships. Whether growing, maintaining or nurturing, employees at every level of the ladder need to know who’s who and how they impact company operations and potential. Not only could employees look incompetent and unprepared if an external company or potential client asks for company-specific information, but a deficiency of company knowledge shows a lack of care and investment on their part.

Company knowledge creates a great company culture. To ensure your employees know the significance of company foundations, keep them engaged in goal-setting and create a meaningfully connected workplace— if they see how invested you are, they’re bound to follow suit.