5 Things You Should Not Talk About at Work

1. You’re looking for a new job.
This seems obvious but most of us have a few trusted work friends and we tend to share everything with them. You may not follow this rule completely but just remember, if someone lets the cat out of the bag, your boss may catch wind and you may be pushed out of the door sooner than you think (or want).

2. You have a part-time job, start-up business or side hustle.
If you are moonlighting as a waiter to save money or you’re finally starting your dream clothing line, it may require you to stretch yourself and work differently. Maybe you need to use your lunch break to shop for fabric or do some planning for your business. There is nothing wrong with using your personal time to do what you want to do; however, if you ever happen to come in late or make a mistake, it would be easy for a co-worker to use your “outside projects” as the reason (even if they are wrong). All it takes is for someone to know your attention is elsewhere and they will look for a reason to use it against you. Jealousy and envy of others can be a detriment to your current job and future aspirations.

P.S. Be sure to only use your personal time and personal property to conduct business. Understand that once you decide to add another job to your plate, you must work extra hard and be even more on point at work.

3. How much money you make.
Again- another obvious one, but it rings true forever. People can usually guess your ballpark salary range but the confirmation of one’s salary can stir up jealousy within the workplace. It can also make people reconsider how they work with you. If you make more money than your peers, they may try to dump more of the workload on you to make you “earn it”.

4. Your political and religious views.
It never turns out well. Ever. It can create divisiveness and judgement. Just don’t do it.

5. Your germs.
No one wants to catch your germs. You’re probably not as efficient when you’re sick and you risk infecting others which directly affects their productivity as well. If you must work, work from home. Just keep the germs to yourself.