3 Ways to Help Your Employees Reach Their Potential

Whether you are cultivating succession a plan or you just want to see your employees reach their full potential, it is important for you to understand that as a leader, the true measure of your success is how well you can grow others. Each person is unique and people are typically motivated by different tactics, but here are three surefire ways to help your employees reach their full potential:

1. Identify and praise them for their strengths.
Words are very powerful. Just telling someone they look nice can change the trajectory of their entire day. Imagine how powerful it would be for your employees to hear praises from you? Forbes.com says, “All leaders have tremendous power simply by being in a position of authority, and can use their words to influence how others view themselves. The act of expressing belief in your employees and focusing on setting high, but achievable standards for them has real repercussions.”

2. Create programs and opportunities for them to excel.
Do you have a continuing education program in place? How often do you provide opportunities for outside training sessions or reimburse for industry memberships? Incorporating small programs like this not only promote employee growth, but they increase productivity and creativity as well. Talk to your employees about their career goals and research similar corporate programs to cultivate a system that works best for your employees and company budget.

3. Reshape what it means to fail and emphasize the importance of effort.
Failure in any area of life is inevitable. Employees will make mistakes at some point and it is important to reshape how you respond to their failures. One way is to be transparent about past failures in your own career to humanize yourself. The next step would be to encourage employees to always do their best and even if they do fail, to look for the lesson. When employees understand that the company will avoid being overly critical, they are open to trying things that could be beneficial to their careers and the company’s growth.