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HRinMotion, LLC (HRIM) offers a boutique of performance-based human resource management (HRM) services to include recruitment, employee relations, professional & management development training, and compliance. Our vision is to partner with CEOs, developing legacy leaders to build generational pathways. Our motto is that “All Roads Lead to Legacy.”

HRinMotion, LLC (HRIM) presents a robust soft-skill production that encompasses the following:

  • Influential Communication
  • Art: A Cultural Catalyst
  • Team Building
  • Developing Strategic Change

Each course is presented virtually, with appropriate breaks, for a maximum of two hours. The objective of this production is to bring an awareness of how forward-thinking productivity should be a priority to influence internal customer service.

Influential Communication

Influential communication is necessary for success in business and life. Many people genuinely believe that they are communicating when they speak, which is not always true. Influential communication educates attendees on what is required to ensure that their message is accurately received and understood.

We will discuss how to translate messages, define a message’s motive, cultivate the delivery attitude, and achieve the intended outcome. This training provides definitions, visual support, case studies, and collaboration. The impactful objective is to make attendees aware of what is required to ensure proper communication.

Art: A Cultural Catalyst

This course will discuss culture within the organization and define values and behaviors that influence the work environment. The contractor shall address at least four organizational culture types to measure the need and purpose for forwarding movement. Course content shall include, but not be limited to, multiple generations in the workforce; individual’s desire to thrive and make a difference in the workplace; and removing barriers, as the norm, to promote positive experiences and prime the workplace culture for more significant opportunities. The course shall facilitate real-world scenarios and practical techniques and skills for building a strong culture. Learning objectives shall include:

  • Describe the trends, make-up, and diversity necessary to build a strong culture
  • Highlight the rewards of knowledge management
  • Discuss the course of action to become a cultural catalyst
  • Understand the differences and values of the four types of organizational culture
  • How culture and brand are synonymous

Developing Strategic Change

Curriculum for this module shall contain (but not limited to) the succession of strategic change, transformational style, uncovering valued results needed for establishing a positive and healthy competitive advantage. The course shall address ways to reconstruct, reengineer and innovate to make pathways for group collaboration, dialog, flexibility, and new beginnings. Learning objectives for this course shall include (but not limited to):

  • Understanding change and its relevance in the workplace
  • Developing Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Navigating leadership skills during strategic change
  • Recognizing tools to overcome agency inertia and individual change resistance
  • Momentum sustainability after a change occurs

Team Building

Google thought building great teams consisted of traits, skills, and even creativity. But after collecting data on 180 teams, they could not find any common patterns. Instead, they looked at the culture of the teams. That is right, what is the current culture of your department, division, task force, or committee? Are you interested in knowing what Google did to build strong teams? We are ready for you.

DISC Assessment

As a DISC Practitioner, HRIM offers Dominance, Influencer, Steadiness, and Conscientious (DISC) Assessment offering relevant content to understand effective communication behavior. Each selected participant will complete the online process to choose answers that are neither right nor wrong. After the training, our organization will provide a summary report. A facilitator presents content that introduces adaptability strategies pertinent to work with others. Per course, we provide a PowerPoint presentation and a Workbook.

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