Performance Evaluation and Workforce Development Services

HRinMotion 3At HRinMotion, LLC, we realize that in order to perform well, employees need to understand what is expected of them.

The starting point is creating the most up-to-date job description detailing responsibilities, general areas of knowledge and skill-sets.

However, we take this process much further, and we design performance evaluation systems that ensure employees know the goods and services their jobs produce, the impact of their work on the organization and the metrics and benchmarks required for success within the department and overall bottom line of the organization.

We offer customized employee training courses that we tailor to fit the unique development needs of your organization.

Performance Evaluation and Workforce Development Services include the following:

Performance Management

We help you establish performance metrics, and we educate your management team and staff on the appropriate use of these metrics to support timely and constructive feedback, recognition and rewards programs.

Training and Development

We collaborate with your management team to develop customized training courses for your staff. Training courses include topics such as leadership, customer responsiveness, and team building and professional development.

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