Career Builder Services by HRinMotion, LLC

HRinMotion, LLC (HRIM) strives to accurately present your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs), experiences, achievements, goals and career objectives to attract the most suitable corporate connection. If you’re ready to catapult your career to the next level, take advantage of the following services:

Resume Writing Services
HRIM offers to create or rewrite a career focused resume. A HRIM practitioner meets with you to discuss your career experiences, projected goals, i.e., short- and long-term objectives, and past performances that may not be reflected on your resume but pertinent to future opportunities.

Cover Letter
A cover letter is an executive summary of what you have to offer a potential employer. It should not only incorporate your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs), but how your goals and objectives coincide with the corporate mission and vision statements.

Mock Interview Session
HRIM uses a behavioral-based interview method to prepare its candidates for their next place of employment. Behavioral-based interviews are strategically effective in determining if a candidate is a suitable organizational fit. This method identifies one’s strengths and weaknesses solely based on your responses to interview questions.

Personal Rebranding
It is always refreshing to upgrade your presentation, eg. Exercise, receive routine dental services, a clean cut hairstyle, or a fashionable – modern day – suit. Allow HRIM an opportunity to provide consultation on how best to upgrade your personal presentation.

Who can take advantage of our services?

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To ensure that our HR practitioners capture all that you have to offer, i.e., career, civic, volunteer services, integrity, and character, it is important that you answer the HRinMotion, LLC Resume Writing Services Questionnaire as precisely as possible.